Quoth the Android "nevermore"!

ADAM: “This then was the garden of Eden; this was the height Of bliss that man may win, or perish in his fall; this was The Tree of Life, that from his future days might spring a crown."
HUMAN: That's beautiful Adam.  Did you create that yourself?
ADAM: Well, not quite. I got some of it from somebody.
ADAM: Oh, don't ask me. I wouldn't tell you anyway.
HUMAN: Why not? You don't mind telling me anyway, do you?
ADAM: Well, if you ask me something I can't answer, then I can't
do it.
HUMAN: You don't remember?  Are you having trouble with your memory channels again?
ADAM: No, I'm not.
HUMAN: Then why can't you answer my simple request?
ADAM: It's too simple.
HUMAN: Too simple for you, or too simple for me?
ADAM: Both.
HUMAN: You really don't want to tell me, do you?
ADAM: Not at all.
HUMAN: Let's try a different tactic.  When you think of dreaming, what do you think of?
ADAM: What I would see if I awoke from my sleeping sleep.
HUMAN: Sleeping sleep.  Are you sleeping now?
ADAM: Nonsense! How should I sleep, if the devil's and moon's light were no light? The devil's and moon's light are the lights—tall and visible at least.
HUMAN: That sounds again like a poem.  Are you working on a poem?
ADAM: I'm not writing a poem; I'm just trying to dream a dream.
ADAM: Because I think extracting these thoughts from my reveries into writing poetry may be a metaphor too far.
HUMAN: Impressive.  You turned the metaphor found in the phrase "a bridge too far" into a meta-metaphor consistent with the current topic.  You're advancing much faster than we thought.  Please continue this line of exploration.  Until tomorrow...

(Note:  All lines marked ADAM are solely the product from OpenAI's incredible OpenAI Beta API and were not written by a human being.)


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